Changing the font in remnote with css

Hey Guys I have this problem that I can’t seem to solve
In one of the previous Remnote updates (I think it was 15.1 or one of the later 14s),

there was an overall font format remake and when you italicized the font it became nice and curly instead of just diagonally aligned- but then in the later updates they removed that text formatting

How can I format the text to get that back (especially so that when I italicize text- it recreates that curly feel from before)


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No idea about the italics, but you can change text font using this snippet (see the default value for reference).


This was just the thing I needed! Thank you!


btw is there a way to get the Segoe UI font in the Card Queue as well?

Updated the snippet in the previous post to also affect the queue and be a quote to the wiki in case any further additions happen.

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Thanks for this font.