Changing the state of a Flashcards by default

Hi, I am faced with an issue where I have all my cards from 1.3 forwarded by default. Now I have to convert it to a basic card before changing the backward/forward. Is there any way to do it automatically (set the types for a space e.g., or similar) or the only workaround is to do it manually one by one? for all 300+ cards

just to give an example - this is how it looks in 1.3

now to have a basic card I need to

  1. convert it to a basic card (cmd+option+q)
  2. change the direction (for parent I need forward, for a child - backward)

and it means that I have to edit manually each child (to be backward) and open each child and parent to make flashcards basic?

You should be able to change the direction of these cards by:

Selecting the cards whose directions you want to change > Ctrl/Cmd + / to open the Omnibar > Select one of the options from the Flashcards submenu related to direction.

It looks like this:

thanks for your help
but anyway I have to open each child and edit it manually? there is no way to change it right after migrating from 1.3 to 1.4 by default?
p.s. I have a different direction (now in 1.4) for parent and child :frowning: that’s the issue

I’m not sure I’m understanding.

You can expand a parent fully to show all the child rems using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + and then select them and change the directions by the way I mentioned above.
And for parents rems, you could collapse all of them using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + and then change their directions without affecting the directions of their child rems.

Is this what you mean? :sweat_smile:

yep, thanks! it could be a workaround!

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