Checking for Rem to practice Bug

If I have 5-10 cards left in my queue, but RemNote just says “Checking for Rem to practice”.
It doesn’t go away, so I assume it’s not a loading screen (I have waited for half an hour one time).

If I leave the queue and re-enter the spaced repetition mode, RemNote shows me the 5-10 cards that haven’t been practiced.

I am experiencing this issue in almost every queue. Is there anyone who…
(a) knows a solution or
(b) is experiencing similar problems?

Hey Tobi, thanks for the report!
Could you provide more details, which platforms? Is it happening only in the global queue or even the document level?

This issue happened to me once, actually I think it was yesterday. I‘m using the iPad and I was in a document queue when this happened.

Has it resolved for you now?

No, unfortunately, it is still happening. I only practice my cards in document queues. I don’t really use the global queue. Today it happened with 30 cards in the queue left.
Usually, I have to restart the queue and then it works out. Sometimes I have to restart the queue multiple times.
It happens on the Ipad as well as on the PC.