Children due on the same section than a parent also due being shown before the parent

I’m not sure, but it looks like beta version 1.3.17 changed the way of sorting the queue, compared to the previous versions and to the stable version 1.3.15.

If I’m not wrong, the standard behavior was having the parent card shown before its children (especially when it is a descriptor, so that both front and back side of the parent Rem are shown in the hierarchy of the children card). That was perfect, as otherwise the content of the parent Rem would be shown in the hierarchy before the parent itself was recalled, messing the active recall for it.

(E.g. This card should not be shown before “no ENC available?:: Indication” in the same section!)

Now it apperars to me that beta version is sorting randomly, many times showing the children cards before the parent card, what is not desired, as the active recall of the parent itsef (if it is due in the same section) would be compromised and messed.

If you did change it, I would ask to return to the previous behavior in this particular.


P.S. I’m not sure this problem is restricted to Beta version.

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If no ENC available?:: Indication is Concept type rem it will bahave like below

It looks like the behavior is ok between concepts and first level descriptors. The problem is the secound-level descriptors (that is, descriptors that are children not directly to the concept they refer to, but to another descriptor). System is not treating them properly. I made a video to show this.

These secound-level descritors are related to the first level descriptor; they follow them logically, so they need the exhibition of the first level descriptor above them to make sense. In the gif below, the first-level descriptor is the color, while the second level is the intensity of the color (dark/soft).

The secound-level descriptors are being shown before the concepts they refer to and before the first-level descriptors. As I understand it, it should only be shown after the concepts and after the first-level descriptors due on the same section.

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