Clicking on an individual rem highlights the entire document rather than placing a cursor

With the new update (1.3.4) I notice that when I now click on a rem, the entire document of which the rem is a part is selected. Clicking on the rem twice will select the word over which I’m hovering. And only when I click on the rem 3 times do I get a cursor beneath where my mouse is hovering. Is this the intended behavior? If so, I can say it’s backwards for me.

Almost exclusively, if I am using the mouse to click on a rem, its because I want to place a cursor rather than highlight the entire document. Certainly the least common purpose of me clicking over a rem is to select the entire document.

+1 I also found this bug

  • In Chrome or Safari browser, when I click one point in the text and click the text in the other line, all automatically clicked lines occur. :angry:
    It doesn’t happen when I’m using remnote app on my mac.

  • and sorry I’m not good at english so here’s my problem image.
    What should I do to make this to default setting?


  • 텍스트 중 한 지점을 클릭한 뒤 다른 줄의 텍스트를 선택했을 때 자동으로 클릭된 모든 줄이 선택이 되는 문제가 크롬에서 생기며 맥용 앱으로 사용할 때는 일반적인 클릭으로 작동합니다. 일반적인 설정으로 돌리고 싶은데 어떻게 하면 좋을까요?

I’m having this problem as well. I see it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Sometimes clicking again will remove the highlight and place the cursor, but sometimes it doesn’t, in which case you can’t even edit the Rem.

It’s the kind of minor thing that’s very very annoying!! :sweat_smile:

Same for me! (Desktop Version)

Those in the video are simple clicks no drag, no shift or other key pressed, just clicks.

Thanks for the reports. Found this corresponding GitHub Bug Report.
It looks like it should be fixed in the next update. Do reach out if the issue persists afterwards. :grinning:

Mac desktop app is fine since it is still v1.2.9. Looks like they have stopped pushing out the new version for it till they get it to a more stable 1.3.X.

Thanks for the report! This will be fixed in the upcoming mini update. Kindly wait for 1.3.6, and PM if the bug isn’t fixed for you.

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