Close Button on Two-Pane View not visible while Scrolled Down on MacOS

Here’s an image of what this looks like now:

Appears a bit congested because the app itself is in split screen with PDF Expert, lol.

There are two panes open here (separated right after the X of the first pane). Within the second pane, I am scrolled down such that the sticky top appears. I’m not sure if it’s covering the X for this second pane or whether the X just isn’t visible if you’re scrolled down enough for the sticky top to appear.
I would like to be able to close the second pane while scrolled down even if there is a sticky top.

Possible ways to achieve this are:

  1. Sending the X of the second pane forward so it’s visible over sticky tops.
    Pro: It’s a quick fix
    Con: May not be very clean-looking
  2. Assigning a keyboard shortcut to closing the pane that you’re focused in (similar to Cmd + W in browsers)

What device/OS is this? I’m pretty sure the close button has a fixed position and always stays on the screen while scrolling:

It’s on MacOS, but I’ve seen this happening for quite some time. Used to happen on the browser as well before the desktop app was released.

Opened a bug report:

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