Cloze cards and picture occlusions card didn't appear when I practice flash card

Hello I’ve been using Remnote on window desktop for 2 weeks now and when I practice space repetition the cloze card and picture occlusion card didn’t appear.

It does not appear in queue but they still exist in your Knowledge Base?

It’s work!!! thank you!! :smiley:

Yes it is appear on my knowledge base
I try flash card only that topic that have cloze and picture occlusion about 10 cards and it’s works ok
But when I use the big folder which is about 540+ card it’s tend to appear only plain card I feels it’s just not equally random
I think my issue is it’s too many card nothing wrong with the program or my setting
Thank you for your time to answer my question :smiley:

Which option did you use when practice the big folder?

Usually I use practice with space repetition but today I try without space repetition hit about 100 cards still no cloze and no picture occlusion card

Can you capture a rem with cloze or occlusion in your KB?

Right now I try 24 card with cloze card the first 12 is all plain, list, or multiple line card. The cloze card will be the last 12

This card is on…

This one is off

You can check it…

I never suspended card and that’s never show up to my card
Is there a way to shuffle all the card and made it appear randomly equally? Because whenever I use a larger group of flash card it’s never appear and when I just use a small group I appear normally

You can check Scheduler of this Card
Put the text cursor at the rem included card => Ctrl + Alt + Shift + '

The only way i know that turn off all function in Setting => Queue => Ordering