Collaboration Option

I’m sorry if this exists already:

I think a tool that allows multiple people to be working on the same REM document at the same time with automatic updating ocurring for both people to show the changes made by people instantly. There should also be ways to restore old versions of a document incase someone makes a change.

Many services offer this: Trello, Google’s Programmes like Forums, Microsoft’s Programmes like Word.

I mean imagine how cool it’d be for a whole study group to be working on a REMnote together to form huge collections of knowledge in a short amount of time but still getting access to the queue cards.

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Bumping this thread because it deserves more attention. Workflowy already implements this feature so it should definitely be possible for RemNote.

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From the point of view of task management, collaboration would be great.

My team is currently using a combination of MS Teams and Google docs for things like meeting notes and tasks. While I can’t imagine RemNote could replace Teams for us (mostly because of Teams posts, video chat, and file management), I would love to be able to put a collaborative RemNote tab in Teams to replace/roll together the Teams functions of wiki, meeting notes, and todos into a RemNote document (which would be more flexible and better integrated than Teams). Would be happy to ditch Google Docs in favor of RemNote.

This is definitely coming :slight_smile:


Hi @Karthikk is there any progress on this? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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