📣 Community Call- RemNote 101 #2

Community Call Announcement

Recap: We went over the basics of Zettelkasten during our last community call, and realised that many of the attendees wanted to explore the different features available in RemNote and understand how they can be leveraged to make RemNote function as a PKM tool for Life-Long Learners.

So, moving forward, we decided to run a series of Community Calls (one every weekend) and explore a single feature or aspect of RemNote, per call with the overall vision that by the end of this series, the attendees would have a better idea of the capabilities of RemNote as a PKM, and hopefully have the opportunity to explore and share each other’s workflows along the way.

In the same spirit, here are the details for our next call:

Next call: Saturday the 22nd, May at 13:00 hrs UTC.
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Topic of discussion : Everything is a Rem - how does that help?
Objective : Familiarise attendees with the concept and to learn how everyone uses RemNote publicly.
Meeting spot: The audio channel under Chat Rooms.


  • The meeting will begin with me explaining about the concept of “Everything is a Rem” and why I think it is beneficial to a PKM system, followed by an open mic for the attendees.
  • That can be utilised for Q&A, feedback, or sharing your workflow.
  • The calls are still experimental and I wish for them to be malleable at this stage, so understanding the community’s needs are a top priority.

TL;DR - Being more interactive and providing active feedback will be highly beneficial to all.

Reading material :


  • For any queries or suggestions drop into the #chat-space-for-calls channel in Discord.
  • Kindly RSVP below:
  • Yes, I would like to attend
  • Meeting Time is not suitable for me
  • Not interested

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Happy RemNote-ing everyone !

Are these being recorded? If not the Q&A part at least an initial presentation portion?

Yes we did record that session, and will be sharing the meeting notes, the video and the transcript as well. :slight_smile:

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Would you mind sharing the links to the recordings you did? Can’t find it anywhere…

Hello! You can find all the meeting notes and recordings attached in the #chat-space-for-calls channel in discord https://discord.gg/QJD9rTQ7