📣 Community Call - RemNote 101 #4

Recap: In last week’s call we went over :mag:Different Types of Searches in RemNote - How to find something you want to in your KB.
The meeting notes and recording will be shared shortly with everyone.

Details for the next call:

RemNote 101 - #4
Next call: Saturday the 19th, June at 13:00 hrs UTC.
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Topic of discussion : :link: Backlinks in RemNote and the different ways to use them all :link:
Objective : Familiarise attendees with all the different back-linking possibilities.
Meeting spot: The audio channel under Chat Rooms.

  • The call will begin with me demonstrating the concept of a backlink and the various types of backlinks available in RemNote, followed by an open mic for the attendees.
  • That can be utilised for Q&A, feedback, or sharing your workflow.
  • The calls are still experimental and I wish for them to be malleable at this stage, so understanding the community’s needs are a top priority.

TL;DR - Being more interactive and providing active feedback will be highly beneficial to all.
Reading material :