Contrast of highlight in PDF

When I highlight a PDF I find it difficult to see the highlight due to the contrast. Is there a way to customize this?

@PeteJames This CSS code will modify the color of the yellow (default) highlights on a .pdf document.

.pdf-viewer__highlight-container--yellow .Highlight__part {

Paste this code into a blank CSS block on your custom CSS page, and adjust the background color value.

To adjust the other highlight colors just copy and paste this code block and change where it says “–yellow” in the selector to the name of the highlight color you want to modify. ("–red","–orange" “–green” etc.)

Thank you @Josh_Koiro :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! I just wanted to point out the the default yellow-colored highlight is actually “no color,” so it looks like if you want to change that you need to leave out the color selector.