Convert Roam hiccup audio code to Remnote

How could I convert this code from Roam that inserts audio extract for Remnote audio embeed?

:hiccup [:audio {:controls "1"} [:source {:src

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According to Ability to create all content via API [and RemNote flavored markdown] (paste syntax) the syntax for audio embeds in RemNote is

So you have to replace all :hiccup ... occurances with this, e.g. by using a text editor’s search&replace functionality and possibly some regex magic transform the closing brackets as well while keeping the URL.

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Hannes, thanks! As for pasting the plain text into Remnote this specific markdown, looks like isn’t working! Have tried another ones and the others works.

I’m sorry it do works! I was trying to copy paste inside Remnote. When I’ve tried from outside Notepad editor it worked! Thanks

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Nice! For anyone else wondering: The stuff you are pasting has to look like this:

- A bullet point with some music: &[true](

And if Ctrl + V pasting does not work, try Ctrl + Shift + V.

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