Could the user run a remnote server like jupyter?

I am curious whether a user could run a remnote server on a computer and use remnote like jupyter. To be short, could the users customize thier own server.

The official syn service is not very stable. (May be someone else will also care about thier data privacy a lot.)
If the user just create a local KB but want to use the KB in different computers (which is often the truth), using tools like dropbox could help. However, just synchronize KB is not enough. The storage in “······\Roaming\RemNote” should also be synced across different computers, which make the complete syncing a little complicated somewhat.
I have a nas(network-attached-storage), and just running a successful jupyter server on it and I could visit the server and use jupyter from any other computer without repeating the environment creating and package installation. It is very convinient.

Question proposed:
So, the question came to my mind. At present, could the user have remnote running their own server?

Manually shuffling around a local KB is the best you can do for now.

Thanks. It works well with apps like onedrive.