Countdown on cards

I find it difficult at times to differentiate between easy and good and I think knowing how long it took me to recall the answer (time between seeing the card and clicking on show answer) would help me rate my performance better and more consistently. I tried doing it with css and found this How to Create an Animated Countdown Timer With HTML, CSS and JavaScript | CSS-Tricks
but because I’m clueless on css, I couldn’t make it work at all. I basically want this countdown circle to be running in the top bar of the flashcard and stop running when I click on show answer. It also adds some time pressure, which usually makes me work a little faster

I think this would be a nice fit for a Queue Plugin.
Maybe one can also make a user script for this.

The top bar seems a bit slim for this to fit in though.
It is barely high enough to display any text at all.

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Maybe instead of the Podomoro timer there could be a depleting circle?