Queue Plugins API

We’re working on designing an extension to the plugin system to enable plugins in the queue. To shape our design process, we’d love to hear two types of comments:

  1. Users - what custom plugins would you want to see in your queue?
  2. Developers - what actions would you like to be able to perform in the queue? We’ll provide the basics, of course, but we’d also be interested in hearing “out-there” ideas (ex. being able to inject arbitrary custom cards).

(To temper expectations, we won’t necessarily be able to satisfy everyone’s requests immediately, but it does help our design process to hear them.)

Example requested features that could be merged into a plugin system:

  • Text-to-speech for cards
  • Extended pomodoro option

Speaking as a user, some kind of message if you get consecutively a card wrong a number of times. If you can´t remember a card after some repetitions, maybe it´s a good idea to rethinking the phrasing or other aspect.
I think anki does this with the leech tag, but is automatic.

As a user I would like to have a iOS Siri shortcut connection, so that I can learn the queue through my headphones on the way.
Also a section with suggested mnemonic words, from a dictionary, so that we can simply connect a suggested word/picture to the learned card.

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As user I’d like to be able to hide parents in the queue as they can give too much information about the question. ( All my problem is described in this topic if you want more info: /hide parent command?)
Thanks for your work !

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as a user: Text to speech for cards so you can go through the headphones

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As a user, we’d like to see the amount of time that a card took us (Show response time in the queue ).

As a developer I’d like to be able to hide the UI for showing the answer, and for self-judging your performance (good,bad,etc. buttons), and hook into the actions usually provided by that UI.

This is to potentially provide alternative input for cards (voice, keyboard) and auto-judge the performance based on that (voice recognition, input similarity).
My main use-case would be flash cards of different types for language learning.