Create new references within the same (or any) document

I hate new references becoming top level rems which do not have any context (hierarchy) to it. Almost all the time I want to create new references within the document I am working on. Combining Hierarchical Search and Ctrl + Enter shortcut, you can create new references easily within the same document (or any specific document you want) without leaving your keyboard. Here is a demo



Great tip! We’re also considering making this even more streamlined in a coming update by adding an ability to “pin” a starting context in the Hierarchical Search. (Would be curious to hear feedback:)


Wow ! Epic, thanks for doing this. You read my mind here top level stubs are missing contextual info
With this change creating new references at the right place will become easier.

Would it be possible to choose where in the document the newly created reference is dumped? An advantage of placing them all separately at the top level is there is no imposed relationship between the stubs. From your demo it looks like they get pushed to the top of pinned document, I think appending at the bottom might be more intuitive (or at least a nice option to have).

Agreed - will look at shifting it to the bottom.

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Hello Martin, now the newly created rem (by pinned Document method) are still placed at the top of the document and the newest is the toppest. It’s opposite to the normal writing order. Just reply here to mention this issue again and hope that the newest ones could be shifted to the bottom of the document, thanks!