Creating a command (example: ctrl+click) to collapse/uncollapse the Rems

Instead of having to click in the tiny arrow to collapse/uncollapse… I face myself falling the arrow and clicking the circle of the bullet point instead… and that opens the Rem instead of uncollapsing it

So I think it would be more user friendly to assume a single or double click type of command, like single click+ctrl on the Rem’s Text to collapse/uncollapse it

Have you tried the shortcut Ctrl + down arrow to uncollapse child rem or Ctrl + shift + down arrow to uncollapse all descendant rems and vice versa for the up arrow?


Hello. In my case I would prefer to use the ctrl + click , because once I’m scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel it’s more useful using ctrl + click than the arrows. Is it possible to change that shortcut to ctrl + click and ctrl+shift+click respectively ??


I’m not sure if it’s possible right now to implement mouse click into shortcuts, unfortunately. Maybe an alternative, for now, could be to change those shortcuts into a chain of keystrokes that can be done with one hand. (EX. ctrl + shift + z)

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You can also consider playing around with CSS, changing the size of the elements (and their hit areas) to something you’re happy with.

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yeah I would like to, but CSS is definitely not my ground, I only use a css custom imported from ethomas @ github to have a dark workspace, and change the font. Are there any pre-made/template css line code for those augmented type elements??

In between I think I’ll follow ODKhub idea and create a left-handed prompt command.

However I really think it would be useful to develop this and maybe other type of shortcuts who take in consideration using the mouse click, the keyboard use in RemNote is and must be flawless, but the mouse use shouldn’t be despised

Indeed, the toggle arrow can be quite elusive at times. :sweat_smile:

If you want to click, this would be the fastest way, especially for long hierarchies.

Or would you still looking for a Ctrl + Click -like shortcut? :upside_down_face:

Hello Gabriela, That lab option only solves the collapse , but not the uncollapse as far as I can see. So, yes the ctrl click I think it would be more helpful, to collapse and uncollapse