CSS Strikethrough workaround

[1st] Add Custom CSS

[data-rem-tags~="strikethrough"] .rem-text .highlight-color--red {
	background-color: unset;
	color: ;
	border-bottom: ;
	text-decoration-style: double;

set color whatever you want.
In my case I sacrifice red highlight for the sake of Strikethrough

[2nd] Make custom tag : strikethrough

[3rd] Highlight text you want to strikethrough

the sequence is no meaning.

If there are something to fix, please let me know



It’s a little complicated and inconvenient. I never managed to implement it. It would be great if the developers implemented this option by default.

Yup, It’s just a workaround. I requested it a long time ago. but I think the strikethrough option has low priority, so it will take a long time to be implemented.
But, hey! Highlight the text you typed to the red color. You might miss just a minor procedure.

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Browneyedsoul, thank you very much for the hint! Everything worked out.

Yes, besides highlighting the text to the red color. it is necessary to uncheck the “Snippet”.

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I delete [data-rem-tags~="strikethrough"] from CSS code. So I don’t have to add extra tag, just highlight the text. :grinning:

Hey, @Sky that’s not the right use case. :slightly_smiling_face:
if you delete the data-rem-tags selector, you eliminate all the red highlight color into strikethrough. That’s not ideal for general users.

Please check here for latest update

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