Ctrl+alt+b keyboard shortcut to turn into bullet

There is a shortcut to turn a line into list card item using ctrl+alt+b. A similar shortcut for bullets might be useful as I have found that if you create a list-card and under one of those list-elements, if you indent and create a flashcard, Remnote will ask you the list item first and then the indented flashcard and then the rest of the list items.
For example::
- definition:: lorem ipsum
In this case, it will have PROM 1st in the queue, then defintion, then the remaining items. I’ve found the way to bypass this is by turning definition into a bullet. Upon doing so, the queue will be PROM, PAL, PLA, and then defintion.

The indented item doesn’t have to be a flashcard itself to be asked as part of a list, this behaviour occurs because creating a new rem from the rem marked as list also marks it as a list item, then indenting it marks it as a set item (which is a somewhat hidden list without numbers). Not sure how intended this is, since the indented rem should make its parent into the header of a list (which you then have to manually turn off to avoid duplicates).

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