Ctrl+M option for Image Occlusion cards not working

Hi all,
I was trying to use CTRL+M to merge all image occlusion. I selected one image occlusion but, pressing on CTRL+M minimizes the Remnote desktop app. Can anyone please advise if I need to do something different to execute Merge All.


P.S. Love the new update !! Thanks to the Remnote team :+1:

Hi all,
Just to be clear… CTRL+M is the command that is supposed to help Merge All image occlusions on a single image. This is being shared as part of the message pop-up when we select multiple clozes in the image. In case that is not intended function, it would be good to update the message in the back-end.

i dont see anything happening on pressing ctrl+m; atleast it minimizes your app

I have the same issue. Seems to be a bug so I created a bug report on github https://github.com/remnoteio/remnote-issues/issues/1407