Custom Study Session (that doesn't affect the algorithm) And Use Of Tags

Hi again, I’ve seen this question before in the community forum but I just want to know if I can practice ALL the flashcards in a document WITHOUT affecting the spaced repetition algorithm. I understand that a lot of people don’t need this but sometimes I just need the satisfaction of going through all the topics in a specific document. Further, it would be very helpful if I could practice flashcards in a document with specific tags only (again, without affecting the spaced repetition algorithm). Is this possible?

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I think this would be very useful.
Till then as a temporary hack you can export the required cards to anki and practise them there


Thank you! Do you know how to do that in Anki? Study cards of a specific tag or all the cards in a document/sub deck without affecting the algorithm, I mean. I think I’m going to manage with RemNote for now since my exams are drawing nearer, but I really hope the team adds this feature as soon as possible.

Yeah anki has this feature called custom study/filter deck/cram deck specifically for this