Customize Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

“Is there any way to disable the shortcut “Operating System: Focus on RemNote” in the desktop app? I can’t change the shortcut to other than AltGr+R, which causes a conflict with a character outputting key combination in my keyboard layout.”

For me this shortcut does nothing. I press it on mac and I cant seem to understand what happens.

I have the same problem, I’m on windows.
I’m using the free version and just want to disable it.
AltGr+R is a global shortcut and will bring the window to focus.

Relevant Github Issue: Global Shortcuts (Operating System/Desktop) have localization issues which cannot be solved by remapping · Issue #377 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

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“CTRL+Alt+Shift + R” shortcut is interfering with more important function in other application.
I am used to shortcut and I am not going to change it for RemNote. I rather give up running RemNote.

I just want to turn shortcut for RemNote off.

If I want global shortcut for an application I can easily set it up myself.

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