Daily target reached multiple times a day

Is that on purpose or a bug? Basically when I reach my daily target and click on reload, the bar is back to zero

Hey! Could you pls confirm if this still happens to you? Kindly PM me or the moderators to open the topic again. Thanks for the report!

Keeping this topic opened as the bug still persists. The link to GitHub issue is here : Daily target progress bar resets after reloading the page · Issue #437 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

The bug is still present after the update but in a different form. I’m not 100% sure but I think reaching your daily target and then reloading resets your progress. In all other situations it seems to work normally from what I can tell

is this time sensitive in anyway? like reloading soon after finishing the queue causes this, but doesn’t if done long after the queue completion?

Haven‘t paid enough attention to say for sure but I‘d say it works basically like you said

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Thank you for documenting this. Let us wait to check if others are having such issues as well, will bump the topic so that it’s more discoverable for users.

Daily target ramdomly miss achieved cards or maybe is the global remnote statistics. Today I have reviewed 71 cards (i really care about this bc i’m making a heat map on excel) but then, hours later i enter again and the targets shows 19 cards achieved, 1 hour later it shows 0. So the progress bar still buggy or it’s the global SRS?
This is a ss that i made at morning

This is from now, hours later:persevere:

Both are screenshots form the desktop app

I see that in “cards” i have 48 cards reviewed today.

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thanks for reporting this I will forward it to the engineering team!

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i think it happens when i open remnote on mobile. The progress bar reset and then that’s s sync with desktop