Dark Mode Issues

The dark mode is way darker than it used to be (which is good!) but there are a few issues I’ve noticed

  • It’s kind of blurry? This has been a problem for me actually even with the old UI, but it got worse with the update. The words look very fuzzy.
  • The pictures I insert aren’t in negative colors, which is good, but they are when I double-click them. Is that a bug or is it intentional?
  • The menus are still white in dark mode.
  • I also don’t know if this is a bug, but emojis look really bad on dark mode. Just general feedback I guess: sticking to the original colors of the emoji is fine because the background isn’t true black anyway.
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I don’t see the non-dark menu, maybe check if your css is not doing that

ah it wasn’t :frowning: all my CSS stuff were turned off for the beta

We still haven’t finished working on the dark mode :slight_smile: This will be all be fixed at that point.

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It just does not feel right with dark mode. Some elements does not appear or hard to see. I think because it is too dark. Other well known apps are not completely dark, it has a slight greyish tone so that other elements on the screen are visible. Some CSS tweaks are required to make feel good.


+1 “images appear in negative” when double-clicked in dark mode.