December 2021 Update - RemNote 1.5.2

Hey Everyone! :remnote:

RemNote 1.5.2 is now live for all!

New Features/ Improvements

  • Added an “open link in new tab” option to the Rem Reference menu for links.

Bugfixes and Polish

  • Fixed the Web Clipper loading slowly for some users.
  • Fixed the Navigate Forward/Navigate Backward buttons not working on the Desktop App when your windows user name has non-latin characters.
  • Fix confusing UX in the signup form.
  • Fix links not being properly imported from old pre-1.5 JSON backups.

Can I ask when it will be available…
Or only me can’t get into the website xD


hey susan!

Kindly write to if you are still unable to access the app, they will be able to help sort things out

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Is there a way to not have updates pushed to you and to download them yourself instead? I really don’t like having stuff downloaded when I don’t know about it.

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Thank you so much, I wrote them and it’s worked

Yeah. love this update. The Clipper is an important component of my workflow and it has worked much better since this update. By the way, the newly added hyperlink function is surprisingly great. It has replaced rem reference in many use cases and functions much better.

Great, but please please please fix the LaTeX in Clozers issue.

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Thanks for the open-in-new-tab feature! Unfortunately, when opening a PDF in a new tab, although the feature says that CMD+click should open the PDF in a new tab, it instead opens it in a new pane… (the option on the reference to open in a new tab does work, though)

I am not able to add URI links such as


I just get


is there a safari clipper?


Recently have the same issue :neutral_face:

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Have u tried refreshing it with Ctrl + Shift + R? It worked for me

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