Declension in references

I’d like to have a proper way to reference another rem while retaining proper form of a word in a sentence. In English that is not much of o problem since declension is non-existent. But consider this example:

In english: They are used in treatment of Glaucoma.

In czech (proper form): Používají se k léčbě glaukomu.
In czech (when using reference): Používají se k léčbě glaukom.

The first is of course the proper way of reading the second is unnatural and obstructs quick understanding.

In the above example one possible solution would be to make rem of the stem but that is not always possible since there are many words where the “stem” changes with declension.

Rem aliases are also not a solution since their intended purpose is different and each word can have up to 7 forms in singular and 7 in plural.

It would be nice to have a global setting which controls creation of references. If checked, than upon creation of a reference the original underlying text is kept.

Thank you for your consideration.


PS: I am also a decent programmer. If there is a source base I could submit pull request to I’d happily do so. I feel this feature should be implemented in the upstream rather than hacked in some way as a pllugin.

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