A quicker way to convert existing text to alias

Currently adding Aliases while writing the content for the first time might be fine, but say I want to link a word, teeth somewhere to tooth somewhere else.

For now, there are two ways to do this, that is

  1. Making the Alias at the Rem tooth
  2. referencing tooth at the place I want to link it.

Whatever method, I use one thing that I have to do for sure is erase the word teeth and then retype it again as an alias.

Workflows can be easier if there is a method to do it easily. Let me suggest one way the feature could work

Say, there is a sentence, “The mandible has the lower set of teeth”. So, I highlight the word teeth here, and press shortcut, “Shift+Ctrl+A” then maybe a dialogue box appears or something of that sort where I search for tooth and select the tooth, upon which the teeth in my current text automatically becomes an alias of the already existing tooth

Result: “The mandible has the lower set of teeth → the teeth being referenced to tooth.

This would make the powerful alias feature more complete since at the moment adding an alias only seems to work one-way.

And for me, I normally figure out something is an alias of something else when I come across it in a text, (going from alias to Rem). Not the way it is optimized for now, which seems to be brainstorming and thinking of what could be a possible alias of a Rem and then adding it. (i.e going from Rem to alias)

A big thank you to @Kamran for assisting in suggesting this feature.

The original conversation:

I have been thinking about creating this exact feature request. Thanks for filing this. Maybe everyone is happy that there is ‘Alias’ feature available now and overlooking the pain of converting something to alias. I hope this gets some traction. Maybe change the title to something like ‘A quicker way to convert existing text to alias’ ? That way the title will convey what this is all about and will look more appealing to everyone even without reading the full text.

Immediately after aliases got released, there was another discussion on this topic - some sort of a shortcut to create alias to specific rem

Also, maybe add a new button in the toolbar like below. Just like how we have buttons for ‘Make Tag’, ‘Make reference’ etc. The button will have the same function as the shortcut you suggested (but will be useful for mouse based workflow)


I have changed the title.

I sincerely hope it gains traction too, it would save me hundreds of clicks a day.

The button suggestion is very good too.


We’ll likely offer this through a feature that also enables Hyperlink handling overhaul for consistency and more intuitive use - #12 by Tim_Webster. For example, you could link the existing text to a Rem (through an alias), or to a URL. Does that sound like it will cover your use-case?


That sounds even better. Not exactly sure how the flow is going to look like with both alias and URL as possible sources. I mean, URL is just type/paste and enter, whereas alias is going to be type/search, pick one and enter.

Yes, as long as I can link a piece of text to an existing Rem, and then that text is automatically added to the linked-to rem as an alias.

But it would also be nice if the one-way hyperlink suggested by @Tim_Webster is also implemented

A hyperlink could be considered a rem with a “one-way” reference. This would be a handy feature to add to RemNote anyway. For example, I might have an old term that I might like do link to the newer term (but I would not be interested in a bi-directional link, since I am just interested in the updated term). A “one-way” hyperlink could link to another rem or to an external URL.

Because at times you might need to link some text to an existing Rem, without it being an alias of that Rem, just the way you would link to a URL.

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