Demand from Chinese users

There are few high-quality learning software available in China, especially for non IOS users. There is no high-quality software such as marginote. For the majority of Android and windows users, remnote is a learning software with high hopes. We hope that remnote can make a version supporting Chinese language as soon as possible. Recharge of Chinese software members is a consumption that consumers are accustomed to. We need high-quality software like remnote to adapt to the Chinese language. In addition, there are some imagination and suggestions:

  1. Margin note 3 still has many functions. We want a Chinese remnote that contains and surpasses margin note.
  2. In learning, we often need to obtain information from various information carriers and save them, including video, audio, PDF, web, mind map, etc. we want to obtain a remnote that supports all current electronic information carrier formats. We hope that remnote can quickly obtain information in various platforms, and wechat, microblog, web, etc. have the efficiency of fast one click collection, In terms of collection function, China’s cubox is excellent, but its function of learning, review and sorting is weak. We hope that remnote can integrate the most powerful collection functions and support the broadest range of file format insertion.
  3. I see that remnote has plug-in function, but it is still difficult for users without programming experience. It would be great if they could choose plug-ins from the plug-in store in Google browser. It is hoped that more and more plug-ins can be selected in the form of direct check, rather than complex operations to realize plug-in functions.
  4. It is hoped that more mainstream formats such as video and audio can be added to the review card. Most of the knowledge points are contained in short video files. Through the planning of card review, the fragmented knowledge points in short video will be reviewed in a unified row. For example, when learning phonetic pronunciation, you can insert a single phonetic teaching video into the review card. There are many audio also contain short knowledge points to review, which also need to be planned into the card review. If a simple timeline editing function can be added, the video and audio can be broken according to the knowledge points, and then the broken video and audio timeline can be sorted into the logical relationship of mind map, two-way link and knowledge map through logical relationship nesting, I think the organization of logical relations should not be limited to simple information carriers such as text and pictures, but should more widely support more document types.
  5. When using remnote, especially the web version, there are still many instabilities and bugs, and the Android version also has many instabilities. I hope you can continue to work hard. As young students, it’s amazing that you can do this in a short time, but you still need to optimize the software to a more mature state. We look forward to a remnote that gathers the strongest learning ability at present to be presented in the next version.