Documenting issues related to RemNote causing Memory Overload

Sometimes large amounts of memory and hard disk

Sometimes large amounts of memory and hard disk
My system is win10 20H2 19042.804

Wow that is a lot. Is that 9GB of RAM usage?

What do you have open when it’s like that? How many Rem? Many images?

I have a test Rem containing a 600 page book (1 Rem per line) and that goes to 2.2GB max (but no images…).

Anyway, I don’t expect to be able to have so many Rem open at once normally.

I have very few pictures and documents. My friend also encountered this situation.

In many cases, you can still see it in the Windows Explorer after exiting remnote. It is not really closed, and sometimes it takes up a lot of cpu and memory.

This definitely shouldn’t be happening, have you been able to figure out what causes this overdrive? Is this a consistent behaviour for the local app?

There is no special operation, and this happens occasionally in normal use.

In that case, I will move this into the documentation category, so that we can collect more info from other users as well. Keeping this under the bug category might not help, as we might not be able to figure out the cause without more data.

Thank you for reporting this. :slight_smile:


Ok, no problem. …

I also encounter this issue occasionally, and it let my other problem crash(due to no memory…)

any idea how could I collect data for debug if I have this problem again? @Karthikk

Just encountered this issue too, and also at 97% but at 18Gb ram, had to hard shut down my machine as the memory usage just kept growing.
2021-11-15 22_54_43-Task Manager

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