Documenting the " Something went wrong " error

This is to collect information regarding why for some users, there seems to be an error that prevents them from using the desktop app.

Kindly share as much information as possible, so that we can explore this asap.

This happens only on my Mac app. RemNote works well in Windows app and chrome. I reinstalled the app twice in Mac but the problem still persists.


I also experience this issue on mobile from time to time.

Most of my experience with this has been tutorial related

This video shows what I’ve been experiencing with the Mac desktop app. I’m using RemNote on Chrome for the time being as well.

Yes we are still having issues with releasing the Mac app, pls use the PWA meanwhile.

@Karthikk i am getting this error too. it happens whenever i try to make a rem reference

RemNote is now working again on the Mac. I am not facing this problem for the time being.

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Could you please elaborate on this? Which platform are you facing this? If this was on the desktop app, it should be working now. Could you confirm if so pls?

Thanks @Karthikk, after the update of the MacOS app everything works just fine