Documents Showing Up EMPTY

Hi y’all.

Super bad timing to have this happen to me during finals but what can you do?

I’ve been using RemNote about halfway through the semester, and have racked up quite a bit of rem and notes on it since then. Today when trying to access certain rem documents they show up empty.

Here’s a recording: Rem Lost - YouTube

As you can see, all the documents except the most recent one I’ve been working on show up empty. I didn’t study yesterday and haven’t accessed RemNote since Saturday. I’ve checked my trash and there’s only the stuff that I’ve ever purposely deleted in there, none of the rem I’m looking for…

Some extra info that might help:

I signed up for RemNote pro last week, and have been having issues with the RemNote Windows program not syncing shortly after. Because of that I moved to the browser version which has been working fine. That topic deserves a thread of its own, but it might be related so I’m mentioning it here.

Again, not to sound desperate, but recovering these rem is super important. Help and insight is very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks for reaching out - sorry, this sounds very frustrating. Can you also message us at please?

  1. Did you create the Rem on the same device where you’re looking for them now?
  2. If you search for them with Ctrl + P, do they appear?
  3. Do you see them if you log out, and then back in?

Hi Martin,

Thanks a bunch for your response. Logging out and logging gave me back my rem! A weird thing though, they seem to be older versions of my rem… not as devastating but I’ve made some additions to my docs since then, but I guess it will have to do.

I’m also still having troubles with my Windows RemNote program not closing properly, syncing, or being able to log out. But I’ll probably make a different thread for the latter issue.

Thanks for your help, and if you have any insight on how to get the latest version of my rems I’d greatly appreciate the help!


On my phone, some of my new rem do show up (but not all), whereas on the computer they don’t.

Hopefully you can see the difference here:
On the computer:

On the phone:

The first screenshot lacks the rem talking about Bond Energy. There’s a lot more Rem that SHOULD be there. Not all of my rem are showing up on my phone either, but more show up on there than on the computer. It’s getting really confusing. It must be a syncing issue or something?