Does anyone have a good use for the graph?

Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone could use the graph in a productive way. Even more, I don’t know how could someone use it in a fun way, hahaha. Please share if you have an interesting use.

Also, if anyone know how to see the mythical “global graph” , I would love to know that. At least as a esthetic experience, it could be useful. Thanks!


Until it imitates “The Brain” which is brilliant, or has some type of mind map capability, or a more practical reference tool, the graph is a “bells and whistle” feature that sounds great, but isn’t very useful.

I’ve suggested to the rem-note team in the past that it would be vitally useful and a huge draw for new subscribers, to create a much better visual reference map for Remnote. Take it from Dos to Windows. But they’ve obviously got a lot of other higher priorities to address.

:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: for TheBrain, the only app that does dynamic concept maps right.

Should be your account name in the sidebar - View Knowledge Graph (probably best to test it out in a tab you won’t mind hanging).

Ohhh, thanks! I hadn’t realized they changed it. It can be nice to see…

Don’t know if practical at all, hahaha.

I find it helpful to maximize Edge Force and Hierarchical Force. And to play around with some of the different filtering options. For me, it’s a nice automatic mind-map that I’ll quickly review for a big-picture overview, before I dive into spaced repetition of all the details. I still haven’t found a super practical use, but it’s fun to move around the nodes, zoom into different areas, organize things, and visualize all the connections. Also, my graph looks totally different than yours! How did you get those colors? Maybe it’s my subscription level. My graph looks quite plain in comparison:

Hi, @smsant!

I haven’t found a way to use them as a mind-map, I’d like that but the information is not well presented for me. About the colors, you need to have different kinds of rems, and enable them in the graph (normal, top-level, documents, concepts and headers). I don’t think it has nothing to do with the subscription level. Good luck!