Does desktop 1.4 sync with 1.3?

  • so I installed desktop 1.4
  • backed up my knowledge base to a local knowledge base
  • deleted all rem on desktop 1.4 so I have a fresh start
  • this morning I opened up desktop 1.4 and I noticed there were 151 documents suddenly
  • my previous knowledge base had 620 so it doesn’t seem like all were carried over, just some
  • then I realized that I was logged onto 1.3 on web and not the beta channel

is it possible since I had my synced knowledge base on 1.4 but was also logged onto the synced knowledge base on 1.3 that is created some sort of conflict resulting in the 151 documents? there was no indication on the web version that I need to log onto the beta channel or anything

also I tried out the chrome clipper and it seems like I have to be logged into 1.3?

1.3 and 1.4 is work with one database so it will sync together…
The problem is the Internet connection…
For me, the sync is delay about one minutes because the connection of my country to global is slow (the shark likes eating Internet cable :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: … Bandwidth is limited)
You can try open Desktop 1.4 and the tab 1.3 on browser at the same time, and wait them to sync…