Does RemNote issue invoice

If I pay for a subscription, will I get an invoice with my name, address on it?


I received a receipt via email that has the last four digits of my credit card on it, as well as the amount and date paid, but not specifically my name or address.

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I would like to subscribe for life time version. But I need my full name and address on invoice for tax purpose. It’s important to me and hugely impacts my decision. Can you support me ? @Martin @mattygrov

If you send us an email with your full name, address, and email address associated with your account at, we can generate an PDF invoice and send it to you. (Don’t buy yet; we’ll activate a special link for you when you send us the details.)

Sure, I sent mail. Please check. Thanks!

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I saw this thread too late… I have already entered a lifelong relationship. I have sent an email to request a receipt, hopefully, you can still make something…

I just paid the lifelong fees, after I know the soon coming Huge Update. Would you please send me the invoice. Look forward the new features!