Does remnote work well on M1 macs?

Hi, I’ve sold an Intel MBP (Macbook Pro) and I’m purchasing an M1. Yet, I have not seen Remnote listed in the
list of M1 compatible apps, and I was planning to start using it and replace another note taking / study system I had.

Does it actually work (with Rosetta Stone 2) well? Is it also M1 optimized?

Both personal experiences and official responses would help…

And if “no” is an answer for any of the 2 questions, are you (Remnote team) already working on it?

I am not a long-time RemNote user, however, I just downloaded the Desktop client on my M1 MBP and it works just fine as far as I know. I did not try it on my Intel Mac (traded it in), but haven’t seen issues. Someone may correct me, but it looks like an electron app which Electron has been updated for M1.

Yes, I think you’re right, but someone may also correct me, Remnote seems to be an Electron app, and Electron not only works on M1 but has been optimized for it…


Just got my M1 macbook, Remnote worked well, asked for an update, and stopped working, it doesn’t even open… sigh…

Is this still happening for you? Does open/close/open fix it?

(I answered this before, but I was seeing a different answer here. Replying again in case I deleted it or something happened)

Yes, this is still happening. I had already quitted it and also restarted the computer. Only a white / empty window is displayed for Remnote and nothing can be done with it…

Solved. Just removed the RemNote icon from the dock, opened it again from the Launchpad and voila!
It is working now…

Maybe the update just created another icon or location or sth, but pinning the icon to the dock again, works without problems now.


I can confirm that Remote Desktop is working on my MacMini M1.

I don’t know if a recent update did it, but my desktop Remnote no longer renders on my M1.

I just tried and updated my remote desktop on my M1 Mac mini it updated and it worked all fine. Maybe a restart will help?