Does the Pro (monthly) subscription plan work for both Desktop and Web version?

I am logged in with my Gmail account on my local machine in the Desktop App. I have the monthly Pro subscription. When I go to the, I am logged in with the same Gmail account but it says I do not have a Pro account (and thus features are missing).

Does the Pro account only work for one platform? $6 for Desktop and $6 more for Web?


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Your pro account should work on all devices. It is not limited to a specific device

When you log in with your Google account are you using the same sign in method? For example, if you sign in with your Google account & then your Gmail account (even though it is associated with the same email) often Remnote does not treat this as the same account

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Yes thanks – that was the problem. Two different versions an account with my Gmail. Thanks!

  • RemNote accounts to be registered with “Sign Up with Google!” or by setting up a username, email and password account. The two accounts are considered separate because one is uniquely linked to your Google Account by Sign In with Google and the other one is tied to a traditional username-password account.
  • The first one is accessed using Sign In with Google. The second one is accessed by imputing an email and password.
  • If someone uses both options, two accounts can be created. As of the June Beta server update, it should no longer be possible to create separate accounts in this manner, but I don’t know if this change made it to the regular server yet.
  • If you didn’t create both on purpose, then you can transfer the notes into one account and either keep or delete the duplicate account.