Dropdown to view tagged and referenced rems no longer works for Portals + Portals converted to embedded ones for Space Repetition no longer works

I brought this up in the Remnote help channel in discord

Portals no longer show tagged rems when expanding toggle:

Converting portal into an SRS queue via clicking on “Switch to view mode” no longer works

Instead I get this blank empty weird space:

I tried doing what you said & the same thing happens with me with the embedded queue. Does seem like there is a bug since it keeps sending you in a loop without any results

Was not aware of the toggle tag feature before but yes seems like that is one of the changes since the update. Portals seem to not function the way I would have thought

oh you need to check it out… the toggle tag portal thingy is kinda like roam’s embed a block feature except it embeds instances of the tagged rem and rem references…almost like a saved search you can embed. I was gonna use this + textexpander to build a template that would populate a daily page with projects from the “active” column of my kanban + other embeds and maybe even convert the portal into SRS queue should I want to study everything on my “active” column. It really sucks that it’s busted. Basically threw a wrench in a key part of my to be workflow! Had it work it would’ve embedded below (which I managed to get to work via workaroud) into my daily page, thereby replicating one of the things I liked about Roam. It also has the potential to be vastly more powerful once they have advanced queries features available. I’m surprised not many have flagged this bug…