Duplicate Cards

I have been using RemNote for around a week.

I think I am seeing duplicate cards: cards that I have already seen are showing up in the queue again, and often when I press “/”, those cards show no history, such as:

If I go to the cards view (Settings/Account/Card), and then sort by Rem, many (but not all) rems seem to have duplicate entries. The duplicates have the same card direction (ie forward), but different last practiced/next practice times etc

I have been using RemNote on multiple Windows computers, all with chrome. I make notes and do cards on these multiple computers. I did download the Windows desktop app, but only synced it,

I think I accidently switched the scheduler to anki for a day and did some reviews, but then switched it back to default a few days back Could this have caused my problem?

Anyone else seeing something similar? Any tips on figuring out what I am doing wrong?

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