Embedded Queue arer not updated

Hi everyone

I have a document with a portal to another document as an embedded queue.

To my surprise I realized that rems added to it were not appearing and not included in the practice sessions.

I had to “fold and unfold” the embeded queue for those rems to be included.

Hoping this “bug” will be solved easily


This is intended to allow for granular control of which rem from the portal are practised. Unfortunately, it does mean you have to unfold them all in the portal each time you add new rem to the document. On the other hand, if you feel you know some of them for sure, you may hide them with ctrl+alt+h to not have to practice them from the portal queue (but they will still be active and so may be pactised in the global queue).

Thanks UMNiK. I definitely see the point…
The downside is that a document with lots of large portals can sometime take quite a lot of time to “unfold”

ctrl+shift+down arrow on the parent to unfold all children (and grandchildren etc).

Me too. Sometimes I need to view specific cards. Currently it seems that I can only select all(ctrl + AA), and then ctrl + shift + down to expand all rems.

Thx @UMNiK

Unfortunately, it looks that this does not work for portals or embedded queues (when done from the level of the parent rem / document containing those)

I still have to select all portals with cmd - shift - a then unfold all with cmd - shift - down. The process takes quite a bit of time…