Empty pages in Uploaded PDFs

Depending on your answer I’ll move this to bug discussion.

I have some issue with the PDF features=

  1. Spaces in highlighted text are missing, making the text unsearchable nor readable.

  2. some pages are blank (which the most preoccupying for me…)

  3. any previous annotation (made from tablet) makes impossible to select a text under it for highlighting (I’ve tried flattening comments, it doesn’t work). Any idea?


Is there anybody else who has the same issues?

Yes, I find empty PDF pages too. A major pain tbh

Hello there! Appreciate the report, definitely appears to be a bug to me. Kindly submit a bug report to the official issue tracker on Github, where the devs will be directly made aware of the issue.

I’ve also have found issues when highlighting from the bottom of a page to the top of the next.

Thanks, just done it. Regarding the other points, see my other reply

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For those still wondering :

1) Spaces missing : I’m learning that this is completely related to the PDF upload. Results are different from PDF to PDF. For “bad” PDF, the “drivers” actually interprets how many " " (space) depending on the actual width of non-character between the words. Justified text therefore give different result in terms of spacing.

3) highlighting is an additional layer, which goes over the text. Therefore, makes it non-selectable for highlight. At the moment I don’t know a software solution that would place my e-ink annotation below the text.