Exclude flashcards with "edit later" tag from queue

Like the title suggests, I would really like this feature so I can focus on memorizing the knowledge I feel is already solid, and avoid wasting time on what needs revision and is hard to learn.

In fact, being able to exclude any tag from a queue would be a nice feature for more focused study in general.

Flashcards with the edit later tag already get excluded from the queue. Maybe you’ve triggered some kind of bug, which is why it doesn’t work for you


Oh dear, I feel embarrassed not realizing that. Thank you for the guidance @88DM88. I’ll be using the edit later feature a lot more now.

To the developers: Be mindful, I would still like to be able to only study flashcards with a specific tag, or with a tag excluded. There are categories other than “edit later” that would be good to focus on or out.

You can study certain tags by creating a search portal for them and turning it into an embedded queue. Filtering stuff out will have to wait until