Expand ways to add the ##Extra Card Detail powerup tag

I’ve been on a bit of an etymology kick lately, and it’s starting to piss me off to hit ##e every dang time. The fastest way I’ve found at the moment is wait until there is a backlog of rem I wish to tag, tag one of them, right click the tag, copy link, paste into as many as I wish.

Some possible solutions:

  • Add a keyboard shortcut to tag selected rem with ##Extra Card Detail (hopefully easy enough)
  • Add a text shortcut that would apply the powerup (like :: makes a concept or descriptor), perhaps ;;
  • Add a button to the bottom toolbar
  • Somehow link references with tags, so as to make adding an ~Etymology universal descriptor add the powerup automatically (see also Let slots inherit tags, including "Extra Card Detail")
  • Make some kinda toggle that would add the powerup to every newly created rem - to be used when bolstering existing rem in bulk with quotes, images, mnemonics and so on.

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