Export full raw backup (Json) DOES NOT backup images. Windows App 1.3.15

I put many images in a local kb. I export the kb with full raw backup and import to a new kb. All images in new kb are now broken.

So it’s not really a full backup is it?

JSON does not support images so in that regard it is working properly. As a result the images are put into it’s own folder

However, like you have said, it is not really a backup if when you import it into your sync KB it only allows you to import the KB graph in JSON, markdown, etc format (depending on the format you chose) but does not allow you to also import the file folder (where your images are) with it. This can cause issues since the images are just as important as the text (& other features)

By the sounds of it I am like you where I use images a lot & in my case often do not even have WIFI access. The value of a local KB is limited if I do not have the images to go with it unless I want to manually copy each image one by one

I have been testing the images through the sync KB & am not having issues losing them in this fashion which was not the case before. Perhaps something to consider. I understand why you would want to have in a local KB, though

If I find anything of value I will share later on

Thanks for sharing & good luck to finding something that will work for you

Not sure if this will help anyone as it is a bit different than the backup but check out this link in case it can help

Thanks. I’ve stopped using sync KB entirely ever since the App rolled out because I lost some rems due to a weird behavior with Ctrl Z Ctrl Y while using sync KB.