Export option to marginnote 3

Is there any other way to export RemNote to marginnote 3 without changing the descents of Rem & also flash cards :slightly_smiling_face:
Benefits -

  1. Can use a pdf annotation app like marginnote 3 & its easy to make flash cards by just highlighting during reading pdfs
  2. Free crop image and link
  3. Hyperlink direct to pages by just highlighting ( pages to pages & pdfs to pdfs ; which helps us to save time from typing notes)
  4. Flowcharts ( for creating image based memory )
  5. Speech function
  6. Free hand drawing & annotations
  7. Drag & drop option to create flowchart , rearrange flowcharts & summarising using links
  8. Clipping trimmed videos to notes ( not as link )
  9. Select flowcharts to flash cards
    The above special features can be done on marginnnote 3 which helps us to increase efficiency.
    ( can’t wait …to use above feature after discovering this app)

Cool feature of RemNote which I found not in marginnote 3

  1. hierarchy note taking with keyboard shortcuts
  2. free app
  3. Helpful for android users too
  4. Flash cards special features ( showing flash cards in hierarchy, multi line cards , emoji for linking …etc )
    Hence , either implementing those features of marginnote or bringing a exporting option to marginnote ,will be a great help

Even I wish to know this. Apparently margin note 3 should have an import feature for this to work I guess.

Yess I really hope these features get implemented too. That would be so OP. Probably the best app for studying ever