Export PDF Uploaded to RemNote

In my workflow I am using an iPad to annotate PDFs with the apple pencil during my first pass of a lecture, then adding that PDF to RemNote to take highlights and create my written notes. I would prefer not to need to store and organise copies of all these PDF files separately once they’re in RemNote if I don’t need to.

I know with syncing to the desktop client I have a folder which includes all the images and PDF files in my database but it is a single folder with names that are not intelligible to me. When I need a copy of a PDF I have uploaded into RemNote, is there a way to download that file back out, or some way to identify the file name it is stored as on the hard drive so I can find it in the folder?

I want to repeat once more @TimothyJB ’s question, it strikes crucial for me as well.

I want to repeat @TimothyJB 's question, since it really strikes me as crucial:

:point_right: How can pdfs and files that were once imported to RemNote be exported again?

For even when I’m able to export annotations and rems - e.g. over json - I do want (and need) to have the option to export my files and pdfs freely.

If we could have a means to keep PDF files in our cloud storage and still integrate into the rem workflow while highlights are applied in the original copy rather than making multiple copies.

I want to repeat once more @TimothyJB ’s question, it strikes crucial for me also :

To be able to retrieve files and pdfs freely once uploaded should have been a basic feature, and yet it is not available at present.