Exporting a Remnote page as MS word or pdf file?

I like to export a Remnote page as MS word or pdf file. I know I can print a Pdf-file, but then the file is printed as an image with no underlying text. The pipeline I am working with is taking notes in RemNote and then continue the work with MS Word.

How would you approach this problem?

Maybe download it as markdown and convert it to docx using Pandoc?

Going based on what the other person had said, export your notes as a Markdown to your computer, but in your computer it’s shown as a zip file so open it to add when going on pandoc. Open Pandoc and I selected “hello world” as my example then added my file. On the file it allows to edit so I fixed an extra symbols that shouldn’t be there like “$$” then I went to “from markdown to docx” and downloaded it. It shows up on my MS Word App I already downloaded.

Judging by the number of click on the pandoc link @liberated_potato provided, this seems to be a non-trivial problem for plenty of people.
It’s weird to see that there are only 22 upvote on this request on the feedback platform
Convert notes to Word format | RemNote - https://feedback.remnote.com/p/convert-notes-to-word-format
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