Extra Card details not showing up on queue

When I am practicing and doing my queues, the extra card details don’t show up on the cards, although I can still tag rems as extra card details.

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Can you provide some screenshots to see the bug easily?

I think I have solved the issue, sorry for making a fuss. I think it didn’t work because I was on the daily document, but it works now when I am on a document.

So I guess extra card details don’t work on daily documents.

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I am experiencing a similar problem with “Extra detail” tag. I can summon Extra detail feature, but it does not show up on a flashcard. The problem started after the the update.
Here are some sample screenshots:

In your picture, the rem of the multi tag is What is the composition. So you should make Extra card details its children, not C, H and O

Thank you, this solved the issue! I very much appreciate your help!

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