Feature Request: Ability to Suspend/Unsuspend Cards

Hi, please add ability to:

  • Suspend cards while in queue
  • power up rem which tracks which cards are suspended (for the purposes of allowing you to the later find them again if you wish to unsuspend them)

basically a practical means of taking flashcards off the global queue and which can later be easily reversed without fishing through all your files

You could use edit later. It’s accessible from the queue and even has its own queue as well where you got all your rems with the edit later tag.

Guess what the latest update brought? :slightly_smiling_face: The feature you requested has been partially implemented. We had the option to Disable Cards for a while, but the latest update added the Suspend feature.

Click any of those 2 buttons (Disable this flashcard -non-searchable & non-trackable, as far as I know - and Suspend all Cards in X Document), depending on the option you need (albeit it doesn’t seem to be what you are asking for):


You can however Suspend individual Cards - including Image Occlusions - from a Document by typing /suspend or by tagging the Card with the Suspend Cards PowerUp:


To find the Suspended Cards, search for the Suspend Cards PowerUp, then click its bullet to Zoom into the Rem. Example:


It’s great if the all suspended cards can be searched using filtering or something.
while I’m in the queue, I sometimes accidentally press “F” or “B” and cards get disabled and it’s practically impossible to find these cards if I don’t know their name.