Feedback for Multiple sources and Inline Sources in RemNote 1.6

These 2 features are now available in the latest version of RemNote 1.6 for everyone!

:card_file_box: Multiple Sources

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to record where you found your treasured pieces of knowledge, so we added the ability to add as many sources as you want to your Rem!
  • We redesigned the source UI to make it effortless to connect multiple sources to a document - simply click the add source button in the document header and you can add links to websites, PDFs and even other rem in your knowledge base.
  • All of the sources integrate seamlessly with our first class annotation methods, including PDFs, web annotations as well as some upcoming ones :eyes:
  • This also plays well with our Web Links feature; adding a URL as a source will do these automatically for you:
    • Create a special Website Rem with the URL as source
    • Auto-format the name of that Rem based on the Title of the webpage and throw in an icon as well
    • Replace the URL that you pasted into the source bar with a reference to that Website Rem (now you can track how many times you have used a certain source via reference backlinks)
    • All of this is instantaneous. :zap:

:file_cabinet: In-line Sources

  • Based on frequent community requests, we made it possible to add sources to a Rem without turning that rem into a document.
  • Love using sources? You will love them even more now. It is now possible to add sources to a rem without having to zoom into the rem. You can now add sources using the / command (just type /source) and paste the URL/ search for an existing rem.
  • Sources to Rems are now more discoverable through the new in-line UI; they are editable too!
  • Hiding Inline Sources
    • It’s possible to manually hide individual inline sources by using the right click menu, also
    • We have added a global setting that turn’s off the in-line sources by default, unless you focus on a rem

Fun Tip: Try adding a source to an empty Rem through the / command.

We would love for you to try the new features out and let us know your thoughts. Thank you!


The new sources UI is great, a big improvement on the previous version, however there is no way to assign an alias to the files anymore.

I use this feature quite frequently. Mostly because the imported files often have confusing filenames when uploaded (see image below).

Is this a function you are planing to add to the new system? It’s way more practical and efficient to be able to organise these things inside remnote.

These two files have different names on my disk. For some reason these are the assigned names when uploaded.

Thank you and kind regards,



Thanks for the update and all your hard work. I love the fact you can have multi-sources and the in-line functionality.

It wasn’t clear to me that the attach icon was how you added a pdf. It actually took me awhile to realise this. I suggest labelling the icon “Add PDF”.

I’d also love a way to add pdf by dragging them onto the page or add source button.


how exactly do we go about this? my right click menu doesn’t show this option

You can hide them by default using this setting:


The inline sources will then only show when you focus a rem in the editor.