Flashcard Fonts for Disability Accommodations

I have been using Remnote since the start of medical school and I have been a big fan over other flashcard based apps. One big help would be to be able to customize the size of the fonts and background of the flashcard for disabilities to make it bigger by dragging the flashcard bigger. Moving the flashcard would be helpful additionally not just centered.

Furthermore, the option to enlarge cards if the Rem is small is quite a limited feature as small literally means one word. There is a lot of empty space in the flashcard when using a 27 inch monitor and it would be great to resize it so the fonts are bigger especially helpful when you are 600 cards and half a day invested in your queue. Additionally, a nice disability feature would be inversion of colors and to show the highlighted color if it originally had highlights to begin with. Useful for example when you know a certain card is high yield and you really need to know the entirety.


Use this snippet to customise the fonts used (add an additional font-size declaration if required).